Atul Sharma B.Sc. M.B.A.

Professional Biography Atul Sharma

Over 30 years of experience within pharmaceutical, hospitals & consulting, had an opportunity to work with leading companies such as GSK, Merck & Co. USA, Apollo Group of Hospitals, UNM Hospital USA, Smartanalyst, NY, USA.
Experience to head functions such as sales, marketing, BD, market research, access, capacity and capability development projects, public health, securing IP strategies in emerging markets.

In 2008 developed “Antimicrobial Stewardship Program” the first of its kind of approach to actively promote evidence based uses of antimicrobials in the era of emerging threats from super-bugs globally, with a key objective to deploy most appropriate antibiotic to improve patients’ outomes and minimize emerging resistance. This initiative is rolled out in over 50 countries and is recepient of prestigous “The Golden Peacock Award” in 2011.  

Healthscape Business Solutions is a life-sciences consulting company, and also work upon capability building programs specially for pharma marketers, medical affairs, our other expertise is to provide consulting on securing IP and access program for emerging markets.


Became Cambridge University Certified Trainer for running advanced pharmaceutical marketing capability development program


Received DMAA award for developing IT solutions for Disease Management Program for Apollo Group of Hospitals in India


Apollo  Greams Road, Chennai, received JCI Accreditation for its BreatheEazy Clinic. A Chest Disease Management Initiative


Received certification on Capacity Building Model in public health and resource constrained setting