Physicians Patients' centric Business Plan Processes

It’s no longer enough to just connect well with physicians. Great marketers effectively engage with all key customers along the patients’ journey – from decision makers to hospitals to homes – to give them reason to choose and remain loyal to us. it has to be based upon key consumer insights reflecting thier pains or aspirations to ensure that every interaction touches them, this require both science and art of reaching out to our physicians and patients with ability to convey brand’s value proposition with flawless execution in each interation. 


  • Understand the science of developing key patients and phsysicians insights, art to craft them in a way that their pains or aspirations are expressed in thier own language
  • Identification of selected brand features relevant to patients physicians insights, and ability to drive rational and emotional benefits which can be expressed as a brand promise which resonates with key patients insights
  • Develop brand’s value proposition and communicate powerfully so it can occupy a distinctive and relevant place in the mind of target audience, so they prefer your brand over competition.
  • Write an agency brief which recompletely describe your physician patients’ portrait, insights reflecting thier pains or aspiration, brand’s single minded proposition, brand essence and personality, to ensure that your agency undestand your audience, brand promise to specific target audience.
  • Utilize on- and offline media channels and new approaches to connect with our target audiences, considering how people use each channel and what best fits objectives including emerging social media
  • Engage and motivate the sales force and other functions with the right tools, messaging and support to help them engage our targets
  • Develop & execute trade marketing programs that drive people to choose at the point of sale
  • Plan and manage all aspects of program delivery to ensure programs are executed in market effectively and efficiently

Level 1: Beginers

  • Understand campaign & plans and be the part of execution with the support of his leaders
  • Understand marketing jargons and their meaning
  • Understand what is patients journey, leverage points, key patients insights, segment, category, brand portrait, brand positioning, and other tools to describe brands attributes. 
  • Familiar with wide range of media channels
  • Familiar with other strategic choices e.g. resource allocation, FTE calculations
  • Familiar with various tools and templates 
  • Familiar with channel partners and can evaluate which can work best at an affordable cost

Level 2: Professionals

  • Develop deep understanding of campaigns, plans and can ensure execution of entire marketing strategy for Rx/OTx/OTC brand 
  • Deep understanding on key patients’ physicians’ insights, patients journey, ability to evaluate insights, granularity on segmentation process, ability to make strategic choices from category, can guide his team on how to evaluate brands single minded proposition, develop positioning summary statement. 
  • Guide his team and creative agency to develop a powerful campaign 
  • Deep understanding on allocation of budget for promotion and FTEs
  • Ability to guide on channel selection 
  • Understanding to manage brand P&L
  • Ability to engage and inspire both internal and external stakeholders

Level 3 : Leaders

  • Ability to direct and inspire medical and marketing team to develop key stakeholder engagement strategy across brands and therapy areas
  • Strategic approach and has ability to foresee hidden opportunities and threats
  • Champions and owns making all strategic choices on resource allocation e.g. advertisment and promotion budget, FTEs
  • strategic choices are made on long range operating profit perspectives and not on day to day execution
  • Ability to set guidelines, as which TA or Brand need what kind of investment and growth, and which one to harvest 
  • Ability to inspire all internal and external stakeholders to get relevent resources and value creation for patients/physicians and internal employees