Healthscape Consulting

We work on finding the real business, consumer or customer insights, thus help us take decisions to create value for both stakeholders & shareholders. Our proprietary tools and templates help take evidence based informed decisions in brand building processes, and help creates differentiation to be chosen as a preferred partner.

Some of the key interventions helps create huge value for our clients:

  • Strategic decisions which brands need to be build, maintained or harvested in our portfolio.
  • Understanding patients journey and defining intervention points most suited to our brands.
  • Developing key consumer and customer insights important to build brand
  • Understanding and defining physicians’ and patients’ portrait, demographs, likes, dislikes and what are their actual unmet needs ?
  • Granular segmentation exercise, using socio economic data points, which may go up-to district level
  • Evaluation of strength of your brand and defining single minded proposition
  • Helping develop key messages, which surely drive the preference of your brand
  • Developing overall communication strategy for your brand and agency brief
  • Mapping business opportunities and threats.
  • Identification of right target segment aligned to product life-cycle and category life-cycle.
  • Resource allocation

– FTE allocation

– A&P allocation

  • Defining which model is most appropriate for your brand

– Share of voice vs Share of Mind


  • Forecasting
  • Value based pricing
  • Identification of channels for your brands
  • Identification of most suitable medium for promotion
  • Evaluation of P&L of each brand and portfolio
  • Strategies for niche to mass marketing
  • Key stakeholder engagement plans
  • Evaluation of IP environment and developing strategies to secure IP
  • Access strategy for IP secured products
  • Supply chain strategy to optimize COGS.