Innovation and Portfolio Management


In the crowded and congested market it is important to ensure that we optimize return on our investment by just not only looking at each brand in isolation, but look at our portfolio as a solution to target audience, great marketers optimize their returns by focussing on portfolion solutions over a brand, this critically evaluating contested category and even keeping an eye on clinical development in progress. it could also be new formulations developed which resonates with key patients’ physicians’ pains or aspirations.¬†


  • Ability to look at opportunities by develop a portfolio strategy that balances priorities between existing brands, new products under developent and may be new products from research
  • Be constantly in touch with your target audience, trends and their preferences and this might give you golden opportunity to drive line extensions for your key brands to further strengthen your portfolio wich can differentiate and drive growth for your organization
  • Use market research to identify and understand new business opportunities in Rx, OTx or OTC market

Level1: Orientation

  • Have reasonable understanding on portfolio, product life-cycle, or category life-cycle
  • Explores opportunities during key customer engagements and proactively share patients and physicians need to his superiors
  • Market wach or an eye on competitor activities, product or clinical development which is either an opportunity or threat to your own portfolio
  • Work with his manager to prepare a case for strengthning portfolio

Level2: Professional

  • Profecient to understand value of portfolio optimization strategy to create value for customers and gain TA leadership¬†
  • Proactively analyze product life-cycle, category life-cycle, target patients and physicians segment, emerging trends, preferences, likes or dislikes which can create potential opportunity to look at new solutions relevant to TA’s emerging needs or preferences
  • Proactively hungry for new ideas or solutions¬†
  • Profeciently develop a strong business case, driven by deep patients or physicians insights

Level3: Leaders

  • Provide leadership by ensuring that choices are clear, based upon key consumer insights and makes a sensible business case
  • Leadership to give vision to such opportunites for the organization and clear direction to functional team
  • Provide leadership to get resources, facilitate any R&D, regulatory processes and embellish the portfolio
  • As a leader influence organization to invest in new promising solution to grow the business and create value for physicians and patients or channel partners