BBB Program Methodology

Building Big Brand

is a six days residential program, which is build on three pillars 


Fundamental understanding on core concept of pharma marketing on these pillars, are followed by over 200 pharma case studies, to apply these fundamentals various tools and templates are given to apply these fundamentals on company’s own brand during the workshop.


  • Key business insights at the level of country, healthcare industry and represented therapy area.
  • How to define market ?
  • Deep understanding on patients’ journey
  • How to identify right leverage points
  • Key customer and consumer insights ( Proprietary tools)
  • How to develop and evaluate insights ( Proprietary tools )
  • Role of market research to get right insights or evaluate them
  • Overview on market research techniques


  • Defining target segment, using socio-economic data, disease severity, bio-markers, affordability filters
  • Mapping contested category for strategic choices to build, maintain or harvest brands.
  • Mapping own brand on proprietary Brand Portrait Wheel, and derive rational & emotional benefits, single minded proposition, brand essence, brand personality and tag-line.
  • A step wise approach to develop brand positioning summary statement
  • Forecasting tools
  • FTE allocation
  • A&P allocation


  • Defining communication objectives
  • Working on proprietary ‘Belief Shift-Map’
  • Key messages for brand
  • How to create a powerful theme using
  • Key consumer insights
  • Consumer / consumer portrait
  • Key Messages & supporting evidence
  • Developing creative brief for your agency
  • Developing brief for the sales force
  • Selection of channels based upon return on investment
  • Brand P&L


A meticulous method is used to ensure that participants understand fundamentals, and use each one of them critically to develop well informed business plan for their brands, and capability to create value for both stakeholders and shareholders.
This is to ensure that each participant starts thinking strategically and look at the opportunities to build big brands for their organization

1st Fundamentals of Pharma Marketing

  • Through blend of pedagogy so all participants understand the core concepts
  • Precise definitions which can be used is standard of practice within organization

5th Evaluation and Feedback

Participants make business plan / brand plan presentation and receive a very constructive feedback from the elite faculty

4th Simulation

  • Participants use these fundamentals on given tools & templates on a pharma brand which is backed up with robust data and brand history.
  • We also have provision of using company’s own brand for simulation during the workshop

2nd Case Studies

  • Fundamentals of marketing are shown in practice through case studies
  • Relevant case studies from both pharma and non-pharma almost on all concepts of marketing, over 200 case studies are global and India specific.

3rd Tools & Templates

  • To ensure comprehensive adoption of these concepts in brand and business plans, we provide many proprietary tools and templates to participants
  • These tools are used during the workshop by all participants as group activities


Increased Sales & Profits

  • Greater customer satisfaction, Build Big Brands
  • Big Brand commands premium, thus bring more sales & profits

Shift from Tactical to Strategy

  • Tactical to strategic, products to leveraging big brands
  • Technology to customer centric decisions, Invention to innovation

Excellent Career prospects

  • Learning what, why & How to gain leadership in contested category
  • Accelerates your career to move up the hierarchy

Customer Satisfaction

  • Ability to improve products and services for sustaining customer satisfaction
  • Customer prefer your brands over competition