Brand Strategy & Planning


Ability to operate in a dynamic marketplace that requires to make strategic choices to quickly understand and respond to opportunities and threats.  Great marketers make clear strategies choices to ensure everyone is working in same direction, towards the same goals, while keeping agility and responsiveness.

  • Prioritize and make choices about which markets, TAs, brands, and customer targets we will focus on (and which we will not)
  • Use situation analysis / SWOT to find the key issues / opportunities and set strategies for the BU, TA and / or core brands
  • Translate strategies into actionable plans, using scenario planning to allow for agile responses to market conditions
  • Engage and train others (such as sales) in our strategy, ensuring they are aligned and ready to execute
  • Adapt where required based on results or changing market conditions, and share learnings

Level 1: Orientation

  • Orientation on brand planning processes
    • Patient journey
    • Market definition
    • Segmentation 
    • Category
    • Brant portrait
    • Single Minded Proposition
    • Brand Positioning Summary Statement
    • Belief shift-map
    • Agency Brief
    • Sales force brief
    • Portfolio strategy
    • Resource allocation
    • FTE calculation
    • Brand P&L
    • Sales force alignment
    • Brand tracking
    • Ensing execution
    • Ability to engage understand and give feedback/opinion

Level2 : Professional

  • Profeciency on thorough brand planning processes, elements, tools and templates, their relevance, methods and ability to extend orientation to medica marketing team
  • Defining Market, Patietns journey, touch points for intervention, granularity on segmentation, ability to make strategic choice from product and category life-cycle, cullout rational and emotional benefits, single minded proposition, brand essence, brand personality, brand tag-line etc.  
  • Market sizing, forecasting, adsertisment and promotion budget for each channel, FTE allocation. 
  • Thorough understanding on brand P&L management, portfolio strategy
  • Sales force and key stakeholder engagement strategy 

Level 3 : Leaders

  • As a leader ability to lead the brand / portfolio / TA strategy planning proess
  • Leadership to define all KPIs / goals for success and encourage an appropriate level of testing of new / unproven ideas and channels
  • Ensure that all activities / decisions we make align with our strategy and that we evolve our strategy to keep up with dynamic changes in the marketplace
  • Influence the organisation and senior management to drive alignment around the strategy and plan