Building Big Brand Program Testimony

In Pursuit of Building World-Class Marketing Capabilities within Healthcare Industry

  • BBB workshop is excellent program,  case studies were excellent. Motivation to learn was high. Attitude of trainers was very positive and full of openness and wisdom. (N K Palaha, Division Vice President, Eris Life sciences, Ahmedabad)
  • Excellent content and very relevant to the industry. The time duration of workshop can be increased to maximize its benefits to participants from current six days (Sudama Sharma, Zydus Neuro sciences Division Head, Ahmedabad)
  • Excellent content of the program. Highly insightful and certainly thought provoking, is a must attend program (Narendra Deode, GM Sales and Marketing, German Remedies, Mumbai)
  • BBB is a very simple way to understand marketing concepts. Tools are excellent and relevant. Provides systematic approach to create brand plans. Case studies are also relevant and insightful. Subhabrata Roy, Associate Director-Marketing, MSD
  • BBB is an excellent program to firm up the fundamentals of pharma marketing (Bella Barve, Head Marketing, Zydus German Remedies, Mumbai)
  • BBB is a very informative yet very intensive program – full of learnings. Very useful for making career in marketing (Ajay Bhalla, Vice President, Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad)
  • BBB is a truly intensive and immersive workshop for marketers. The sessions on Insights, STP and Communication are truly amazing and interactive, filled with case studies and simulation. Very useful and had a great experience (Sabyasachi Sharma, General Manager, Eris Lifesciences, Ahmedabad)
  • Overall a very specific and structured program. Very useful concepts shared with participants. More time can be spent on brand simulation. Positioning tools were amazing (Chetan Doshi, Asst.Vice President, Eris Lifesciences, Ahmedabad)
  • It was a great learning experience which is relevant to each business need. This workshop gave us a process of building big brands through customer insights correlating with the brand benefits. The three pillars are fundamental and we must pick up our brands to relate to the principles. Sukhpal Singh, General Manager, Zydus Nutriva
  • BBB workshop is really well thought out and with deep dive into marketing fundamentals. It comes as complete package. Mahendra Kulkarni, Group Product Manager, IPCA Labs, Mumbai
  • It was a wonderful learning experience and will help me grow further in my professional career. The fundamentals of marketing were well explained in the workshop (Manisha Rathore, Zydus Onco sciences Product Executive, Ahmedabad)
  • BBB is an excellent program, will be helpful in my daily work and help build up excellent business plans and my own career. (Dharmendra Parmar, Zydus Synovia-Group Product Manager, Ahmedabad )
  • BBB is my first orientation to pharma marketing. I could not have asked for a better start and I owe BBB workshop a big thanks for providing me the best platform to kick-start my marketing career. Aditi Saha, Biocon PMT trainee
  • Workshop was excellent and touched almost all key function areas of brand management. Simulation exercise was great, wish it could be on more than one brand (Prachi Chavan, Zydus Ostivia, Product Executive, Ahmedabad)
  • Very good workshop. The content is really impressive, and methodology was very practical (Diptarup Biswas, Zydus Nephrosciences, Product Manager, Ahmedabad)
  • I had wonderful learnings and unlearning of concepts through this BBB workshop (Ankit Joshi, Zydus BioNext, Product Manager, Ahmedabad)
  • The workshop is a true value addition to the naïve brand managers due to concepts covered and their usefulness learnt at an early stage of their brand management career. Workshop focuses on clear fundamentalsPrashant Awasthi, Zydus Heptiza, Product Manager
  • I found BBB workshop very effective and full of learnings for implementation in my daily work. It is beyond my expectations ! Tools shared in the workshop were excellent (Vijay Yadav, Product Manager, Panacea Biotec, Delhi)
  • Excellent content on the fundamentals of  pharma marketing, it’s worth is much more than money and time spent (Rahul Jadhav, Alkema Labs, Product Manager, Mumbai)
  • BBB is very practical and hands-on. Full of real case studies. Stimulates and challenges our intellectual capacity. Gaurang N, Product Manager, Wockhardt)


Participants’ opinion about BBB program

Participants found program relevant with quality contents, its format and duration  ( 1/2)

Relevance of Contents

64% participants felt contents were excellent

36% participants felt very good

Quality of Contents

93% participants felt excellent or very quality of contents

Participants’ opinion about BBB program

Participants found 6 days were optimum, and format was excellent(2/2)

Duration of program

93% participants felt duration Good /very good/ excellent
7% participants felt it was long

Workshop Format (Pedagogy, Case Studies and Brand Simulation)

72% participants felt BBB format very good / excellent


   Opinion about BBB faculty

Participants’ felt delivery was excellent with adequate time spent on critical topics

Quality of faculty

93% participants felt contents delivery by faculty was excellent / very good

Time spent on Critical topics

72% participants felt adequate time spent on critical topics, other felt good

Ability to address queries

80% participants felt  that faculty addressed their queries very effectively



Usefulness of program in pharmaceutical marketing 

100% participants found it useful, and showed willingness to use in their day to day function.

Usefulness in marketing / Business function

100% participants felt BBB program was useful for their brand management function

Usefulness/willingness to use it in their day to day function

100% participants felt BBB program was useful for their brand management function




Summary of Building Big Brand Program feedback: 

  • All CEOs felt that this program is unique and deserves ten out of ten
  • All participants found BBB workshop format was excellent, it has pedagogy, case studies, tools, templates and simulation on their own brand
  • >90% participants found quality of BBB program was excellent /very good and faculty effectively addresses key questions
  • 100% participants found BBB program, insightful, good to help them on their day to day business and brand planning processes, and they showed complete willingness to adopt these fundamentals on thier own business and brands

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Director Client Engagements
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Founder BBB Program
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